WB Horsemanship Clinics

WB Horsemanship Clinics

Wayne Bushnell Horsemanship

Whether you are 7 or 70 years old, whether you were born in the saddle or just started horse riding yesterday, there is so much for you to learn at the Wayne Bushnell Horsemanship Clinics. All you need to get started is a passion for horses and a willingness to learn.

Understand your horse better and resolve challenges

Wayne Bushnell provides the best foundation training between horse and human, building the most vital trust and respect required to work safely with our equine friends whilst ensuring the best possible results in the discipline of your choice. From happy hackers to competitive show jumpers, the Wayne Bushnell Horsemanship clinics explore new techniques and grow the student’s knowledge, creating stronger horse and rider partnerships.

Learn how to communicate with horses effectively

With more than 50 years of experience with horses, Wayne Bushnell will help you understand your horse, what makes him think, gain your horse’s trust and build his confidence through various exercises as well as help you gain your horse’s respect and willingness to respond.

WBH Clinics are available countrywide, with regular Horsemanship Clinics hosted at the WBH Centre, set in the heart of the Valley of 1000 Hills, in Hammersdale, KZN. WB Horsemanship hosts a number of exclusive clinics that are open to all horse lovers. Not only will you be spoilt with world-class facilities, warm hospitality and delicious lunch, but you and your horse will also gain a wealth of knowledge and loads of new skills.

Wayne Bushnell Horsemanship clinics cover various aspects such as safety, confidence, body language and other essential skills. There is a course to suit every need with various training options on offer at WBH.

Comfortable accommodation is available in the Hathaway Cottage for those travelling from far to attend the WB Natural Horsemanship Clinics at the Hill n’ Dale Farm in Hammersdale. (Exactly halfway between Durban & Pietermaritzburg)

Contact WBH to find out when the next clinic is, or to book a tailor-made experience and be sure to take a look at the WBH Custom made tack and training aids

Contact WBH 
Address: Hill ‘n Dale Farm, Hammarsdale, Durban Outer West
Wayne Bushnell: 0836313938 / wbhorsemanship@gmail.com

Photography by Catherine Grace Jackson.

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