The Puzzle Place

The Puzzle Place

Having fun at The Puzzle Place 

Ideally situated in the Valley of a 1000 Hills, Durban, South Africa, you will find THE PUZZLE PLACE. Whether you need a special gift or want a fun activity to do with friends or the kids then this is the place to visit. 

Just a short drive up Botha’s Hill, a visit to the Valley of a 1000 Hills would not be complete without visiting this special store which offers hours of fun as well as an assortment of locally crafted arts and gifts that will be perfect for any occasion.


A Short History

The Puzzle Place started in 1991 as Wood Magic, a family business with Ian Courtney at the helm. After eighteen years in the corporate market, Ian Courtney started making kiddies toys in his garage, with his two-year-old daughter as inspiration. These toys were marketed via flea markets and a reputation for quality was achieved. After the purchase of a scroll saw, the toys became puzzles as well, and through a series of progressions, the Three Dimensional puzzles evolved. These puzzles proved too complex for the children and so the target market shifted to the adults and the puzzles became more challenging.

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The Puzzles

We all have the ability to think better but we restrict ourselves in our thinking processes with the work we do and the hobbies we partake in. Using puzzles and brain teasers of every form and style can improve our problem-solving abilities and exercise all the various components of our brain. The PUZZLE PLACE is aware of this and has created puzzles that will use most parts of the brain requiring logic, 3D perception, sequencing, spatial perception and combining these attributes to help everyone think better.

Puzzles are also fun and entertaining! The most fun can be got by challenging someone else to attempt a puzzle BUT the biggest challenge is “don’t show them how”  This defeats the concept of a puzzle and takes away their patience, perseverance and problem-solving abilities. Sometimes, a little hint can be useful to get them thinking in the correct way.

For More Than 20 Years

The Puzzle Place team have been entertaining locals, Durbanites and tourists for more than 20 years proving that this is a very popular destination that shouldn’t be missed! With more on offer than you could imagine from African gifts to local toys and even a “KRAFTY KIDS” section to cater for the children!

Numerous pensioners and hobbyists supply The Puzzle Place with their wood crafts ranging from candle stands and key rings to picture frames and clocks. The speciality of the house is the unique world-renowned three-dimensional puzzles made in various shapes, with a selection of African animals and other themes. 
The puzzles are made from beautiful hardwoods of which the local KIAAT is the most popular. They are small enough to fit in a handbag and big enough to keep a person puzzled for hours. Ideal as gifts and mementoes for the home and office, these puzzles have been sent all over the world. 

The puzzles are collector’s items, often being personalized as gifts for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, and are treasured by people throughout the world. 

Many companies realize the value of presenting their special clients and staff with these puzzles, engraved with their company logo. 

There is also a large selection of “brain teasers” that make ideal small gifts that can also be personalized with logos. 


Address: 168 Old Main Rd, Bothas Hill


Thank you for visiting


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