Upper Highway Shopping Malls & Local Stores – Browse the directory of Shopping Malls, Centres & Local Stores in Hillcrest, Waterfall and Kloof, as well as the smaller areas such as Assagay, Botha’s Hill, Forest Hills, Gillitts,  Winston Park and other suburbs.  The Upper Highway is home to many incredible retail outlets, offering you everything and anything you may need.

Watercrest Mall
Welcome to Watercrest Mall Watercrest Mall embraces the upper highway ethos, being a friendly, warm and welcoming neighbour. Delighting in
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Hillcrest Corner
Welcome to Hillcrest Corner Hillcrest Corner opened its doors in 2007 as the first community shopping centre in Hillcrest, providing
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Hillcrest Pet Store
ASSAGAY FEEDS Hillcrest Pets can get their favourite treats delivered! Based in the Upper Highway Area, Durban Outer West KZN,
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Oxford Freshmarket
Oxford Freshmarket A fresh fruit, vegetable and grocery market with an in-house butchery and bakery. Situated in the Oxford Village
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The Halfway Mark
The Halfway Mark Esmé’s Take Away, Café, Bakery & Convenience Store Situated near The Comrades Marathon Wall of Honour in
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Waterfall SuperSpar
Waterfall One of the leading convenience stores in the Upper Highway area, Waterfall SUPERSPAR is located in the Watercrest Mall
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Candles by Aurora Fae
Although it is one of the oldest light sources, candles have not changed much throughout history. Candles have been used for
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Drummond Farmers Market
If you love markets then the Upper Highway is the place to be! The Upper Highway Area is home to
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Decor-Art Interiors
Decor Art Interiors Creativity is food for the mind then this special store will have you inspired! If you are
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