Fencing your property?

Considerations for a new fence…

Fencing! Decide how important the fence is and make sure you choose the right fencing for the purpose it will serve. You don’t want to spend a fortune on a fence that is just there to demarcate your area inside a complex, and you don’t want to install a cheaper fence if security is your goal.

Alcatraz Fencing Company in Hillcrest

Different types of fences 

• Wire fencing
• Wood fencing
• Welded mesh fencing on rolls
• Steel Palisade Fencing
• Welded mesh fencing in panel sizes (also known as security fencing)
• Common bricks or blocks walls
• uPVC fencing
• Electric Fencing
• Veldspan Fencing

The purpose of your fence.

Do you want to keep animals in your yard, or to keep other people and animals out of your property? Look around at what your neighbors have. This is very important. You need to have a fence that is to be of the same standard in security. This is possibly the most important part…

Each type of fence comes with its own pros and cons.

For more advice and information on fencing be sure to contact the Upper Highway Fencing Specialists Alcatraz Fencing & Gate Automation 

Alcatraz Fencing, Hillcrest, Upper Highway

At Alcatraz Fencing we love what we do!

 Weldmesh Fencing 
 Wooden Fencing
 Razor Wire Fencing
 Veldspan Fencing
 Shade Cloth Fencing
 Internal Factory Fencing
 Gate Automation
 RoboGuard Security Beams

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