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Looking for Jumping Castles in KZN? Extreme Inflatables KZN are the go-to for inflatables if you’re planning events such as school fundraising, corporate events, fairs, birthday parties, kitchen tea’s and any other event where you need activities to keep the kids, teens, and adults (because let’s face it, adults need some fun too) entertained, there’s a bouncy castle out there we can all enjoy.

10 reasons why you need Extreme Inflatables KZN for your next event:

  1. They offer you the added value of arranging your kiddies themed party with all the decor needs.


  1. Ridiculously great fun – for adults and children (Kids can’t have all the fun!) While Jumping castles are generally hired for children’s birthday parties, there’s no harm in considering one for an adult party too and many people do go ahead with the idea and love it! But for those parents who are wanting one for a kid’s party, you can still find a way to squeeze your way into the fun too.


  1. Every party, corporate function, team building, fare and fund-raising event needs an element of fun and jumping castles provide unlimited amounts of it, with a wide selection to cater for almost every need, from toddlers to adults and even for the more adventurous (check out their Facebook page for more details)


  1. Takes the hassle out – anytime, any day, anywhere, hiring a bouncy castle is a stress-free way to add value to an event and give your kids (or adults) the time of their lives!


  1. One of the great things about Jumping Castles is you don’t need to organise any other entertainment.


  1. Extreme Inflatables KZN is a company that can cater to your event despite your remote location. Keep in mind you will need to have adequate power on site within 20m of where you want it set up.


  1. Extreme Inflatables is a reliable company which will ensure all delivery, set up and pack up is included in the package too and offer a bouncy castle operator, to help on the day, they also have a public liability certificate and their operators are trained in First Aid if anything should happen, however all users are always reminded that safety comes first.


  1. Makes the event memorable, one of the best things about bouncy castles is they create happy vibes! Most children will play on jumping castles until they are too tired to go further, or the party ends and it’s time to go home. That’s good for parents as well, gaining a little sanity-saving quiet time while the kids nap and re-energise.


  1. Encourages health benefits, jumping castles aren’t usually hired for anything but entertainment – but believe it or not, there are health benefits involved in using them. Encouraging kids to jump, crawl, run, bounce and play, all helps in contributing to their physical fitness. It also develops strength and better coordination from learning to balance on the bouncy, air-inflated surface. Most children will play on jumping castles until they are too tired to go further, or the party ends and it’s time to go home.


  1. Teaches healthy socialisation skills; Whether your child is a social butterfly or shy and cautious, play time at parties helps teach healthy socialisation skills. Interacting with other kids through laughing, playing, bouncing and falling over is all part of the fun. There’s no competition or challenges, just fun-fuelled play time with other kids. The more your child participates in these social situations through activities that involve fun, laughter and physical activity – the more they develop healthy skills that set them up for life.


There are a great variety of bouncy castles to choose from – from standalone units to challenging obstacle course packages to mechanical bulls – makes hiring the right one for your event easy, and will leave a lasting positive impression. Your party may even inspire someone else to hire a bouncy castle next time they need entertainment for their own child’s birthday party.

DID YOU KNOW!!! – Bouncy castles have been around for years, in fact, the first inflatable structure was designed in 1959 by John Scurlock in Shreveport, Louisiana who was experimenting with inflatable covers for a government request when he noticed his sons enjoyed jumping on the air structure. Scurlock was a pioneer of inflatable domes, inflatable tents, inflatable signs and his greatest achievement was the invention of the safety air cushion that is used by fire and rescue departments to catch people jumping from buildings or heights.

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